Crazy Wheel Rules

Crazy Wheel Rules

Welcome to the Crazy Wheel Rules!

To begin playing, you need to go to the list of games and push the button “Play now!” Remember that in order to play you need to bet a minimum of 6,000 coins.

The game will begin when all of the players have joined the game or when the game creator pushes the button to begin the game as long all of the other players accept.


Play now: Choose the language in the panel, push the button “Play now!” and you will directly enter into the first available minimum bet game (6,000 coins). In cases where there are no available games, a new game is created and you wait for another player to come along.

- Create a game: push the button to “Create game” and choose the type of game you prefer: pairs, turbo, private or 3 rounds. These special games cost a certain number of credits or coins (depending on the device).  

    • Pairs: games formed by 2 teams of 2 players.
    • Turbo: different from other games because they are faster
    • Private: You invite who you want to join the game, and it will not appear in the communal list of games.
    • 3 Rounds: The winner is the player with the most points when the three rounds are added together.

- Game configuration

When you create a game, you can choose the following features

  1. Type of game: private, pairs, turbo or 3 rounds.
  2. Panel language: Spanish, English or Portuguese.
  3. Number of players (between 2 and 4 players).
  4. Set the betting level (minimum bet of 6,000 coins).
  5. Invite your friends or players to the game(challenge).
  6. Push the “Create” button.

Bets: every game has a minimum bet of 6,000 coins, which means that you need bet at least 6,000 coins to play.

The winning player will be awarded the coins of the other users and a serious of points depending on the bet. Remember, if you leave a game that has already started then you will lose the coins that you bet in order to enter the game.

Rules of Crazy Wheel

General rules

- The time allocated to take your turn is 45 seconds. 

- The panel language will be the same for all of the players.

- If you try to set the panel and fail, you will be penalised and lose part of your points

- Vowels can be purchased before spinning the wheel

- You will have to set the panel before spinning the roulette wheel

Game modes


In this game mode, at the end of the round or at the end of the game, the points of both players in the pairing will be taken into consideration. The pairing who have the greatest combined number of points will be declared winners.


In turbo games:

There is only one spin per player.

- There are no wilds.


The rules of the game are the same, however in order to access the game you need to be invited or invite others. This game also allows players with the same IP (connection) to play against one another. 

1 Round

In this mode, the player with the winner of the round, and consequently the match, is the player with the most points when the board settles.

3 Rounds

In this mode, the winner of the round is the player who settles the board and accumulates points for the following round. At the end of all of the rounds, the winner is the player with the most points when the points of the three rounds have been added together.


Pockets on the board

  1. POINTS: The numbered pockets correspond to the points that will be added to your score if you get the correct letter. These points will be multiplied by the number of times the selected letter appears on the board.
  2. BANKRUPT: If you fall on this pocket you will lose all of the points that you have accumulated. If you have a wild you can choose to use it in order to avoid losing your turn.
  3. LOSE A TURN: You will lose your turn. If you have a wild you can choose to use it in order to avoid losing the turn.
  4. WILD: If you get a letter on the board, you will get a wild spin that will allow you to avoid losing your turn.
  5. MULTIPLY BY 2: If you get a letter right on the board your points will be directly multiplied by 2.
  6. DIVIDE BY 2: If you get a letter right on the board your points will be directly divided by 2.
  7. QUESTION “?”: If you get a letter right on the board you will be able to choose to collect the surprise prize or keep on playing.

Surprise chest

On each panel, there will be a chest in a pocket with a surprise prize. Once you find the letter of that pocket, the prize will be yours.


Special options

Buy a vowel

In order to help you solve the board, you can buy a vowel with the points accumulated in the game. If you do not have sufficient points, you can choose to buy a vowel with credits or game coins.  

Show a clue

Another way of helping to solve the panel is acquiring a clue related to the topic. It will give you advantage and will serve to win the game.

Show letters that have already been picked

You have the chance to see letters used by players during the game. This option is very useful as it will help you not to pick an already chosen letter and miss a turn.

Super Wild

In addition to helping you avoid losing a turn, the Super Wild prevents you from losing all of your points if you fall on the bankruptcy pocket. When you get a wild, you have the option of turning it into a Super Wild.

Super Strength

With Super Strength you have extra strength to spin the wheel.

Give Paloma a tip

You will be able to give a tip to Paloma, the board presenter. You just need to click on her and she will show a sign of her appreciation. 

End of the game


Victory will depend of the game mode you are playing. However, the winner will be the player or pair with the most points accumulated.

End of the round

The round will end when the player solves the board. They can do so by choosing the option “Solve it” when it is their turn if they know the correct answer or by getting all of the letters on the panel.


If there is a draw at the end of the game (not the round), the coins will be shared out between the players who have drawn.


You can give away objects using the friends lift, from within a game, or by accessing the profile of any user and pushing the “Give gift” button. The game shop will open up, you can select the gift you want to send and then press “Give gift!” You can choose to do this with coins or credits.

From the notification centre you can accept gifts that other players or Playspace send to you, and you can return another gift by pushing the pink “Give gift” button.

You can also give away packs of coins or credits by pushing the “+ coins” or “+ credits”. Different packs will appear and you can give away those that you prefer by pushing the gift shaped icon. A window will open and you will have to choose the player who will receive the gift.

The gifts that you receive will be automatically categorised and you will be able to see them in your inventory under the “My things” tab.

Become the best Crazy Wheel player and win incredible prizes!