The Goose Rules

The Goose Rules

Welcome to game of the Goose!


To start playing, look for a free game in the list and press the play! button. Remember that you must wager a minimum of 6.000 coins to play.

The game begins when all players have finished their game or when the game creator presses start game and all other players accept.


  • Play now: press the “Play Now” button and you will enter directly into the first minimum bet (6.000 coins) game available or a new game which will begin when another player joins.

  • Create game: Press the button create game to create and choose the setting you want. More players will need to join before you start playing.



When creating a game you can define the following settings:


  1. Game Type: private.

  2. Number of players (2 to 4 players).

  3. Bet (6.000 coins at least).

  4. Invite your friends (others can see your game once it has started).

  5. Click on "Create game" button.

Betting: Each game has a minimum bet of 6.000 coins, so to play any game you will need to bet 6.000 or more of your coins depending on the game.


The winner of the match will win coins off other users and points according to the amount of coins won. Remember that if you leave a started game you forfeit your coins for that game.



Walk through the whole board the faster you can, getting into the space:

number 63, “The garden of the geese”.

How to play


The game of the Goose is a board game for 2 to 4 players each with a colored piece.

The spiral shaped board has 63 spaces numbered from 1 to 63 with different drawings. Depending on the space you enter, you piece will advance, move back or suffer a penalty.

In a turn a player rolls a dice wich indicates the number of spaces to advance.

The space 63 can only be entered with an exact roll. If a player rolls and gets a higher number than the number of remaining spaces to the goal, the player will advance to the space 63 and then go back until completing the number rolled.

Special spaces


Goose [1,5, 9,14, 18, 23, 27, 32, 36, 41, 45, 50, 54, 59, 63] “From goose to goose, faster than a moose”. Advance to the next goose and reroll.

Bridge [6,12] “From bridge to bridge, I roll as I reach”. Advance or go back to the other bridge and reroll.

Dices [26,53] “From dice to dice, I roll to win the prize”. Advance or go back to the orher dices and reroll.

Inn [19] You stay in the Inn and loose 2 turns.

Jail [56] You’re staying in the Jail for 3 turns.

Well [31] You stay in the well until an other player passes over it or for 4 turns.

Mace [42] “Lost in the Mace”. Go back to the space 30.

Death [58] You start from the beginning.



Tells a greek leyend that during the siege of Troy the green warriors where so bored that they invented different games to entertain themselves. One of these games the “the Game of the Goose” and it is said to be invented by Palamedes, son of Euboea’s King and Poseidon’s niece. In 1908 an archeological artefact dated from the 2000 BC was discovered in Crete and called “the Phaistos Disc”. Historians say it is an ancient Goose game board.

Another leyend attributes the invention of the game to the Order of the Holy Templars, created in 1118 by the european crusaders.It is thought that the 63 spaces of the board correspond to the 63 segments in the nautilus shells and originally they where used as boards. It is said also than the geese, Inn, well, jail and the rest of the symbols in the game represent some of the keys of the order’s pholosophy.

AThere are also other theories that relates the game with the spanish “Camino de Santiago”.

Others have a theory theory that says it is a german game from the XI century, but this has very little proofs.

And one of the most reliable versións says that the game was invented in Florence in the court of the Medici whose members used to give it as a present.

Although the game’s origin is not clear, it is a worldwide played game nowadays!



You can send presents to any other player. To do so, click on the ”Give a present” button on a players picture or profile.

You can give away any item from the shop or from you inventory unless you’re using it.

Once you receive a present, you’ll be able to accept it, deny it or giving a present back to the other player at the presents window above.

The awards you accept will be automatically equipped and you’ll find them in “your stuff” window.