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The Goose game is a board game that was traditionally hidden behind a Ludo board. It is a very simple and fun game for two or more players, in which each player has to move their game piece across a board that is composed of 63 squares, forming a spiral.

Each square has a meaning and some are more special than others. For example, there are some squares that will make you go backwards, others that will make you skip a turn and others that allow you to automatically move forward.

The winner will be the player who manages to move their piece to the final square, known as “the goose garden”.

How to play The Goose game?

Select the game, either by pressing "play now" to play directly, by looking at the games that have already been created by other players or by creating one with the characteristics that you prefer, such as, for example, the number of players, the quantity of coins that you want to bet or if you would like to play privately you can select the option of a private game, where you can invite whoever you would like to join your game and the game will not appear in the general list of games that all the players can access.

On each turn you throw the dice and move your piece to the corresponding square. Some squares will allow you to move more quickly through the game, such as the bridge square for example, which, thanks to the current, will cause you to move to the next bridge located closest to the finishing point. But be careful! Some squares will make you go back, even making you go right back to the beginning. Only the luckiest players will be able to reach the finishing point and become the winner.

If you have any queries about how the game works, check the Rules of The Goose game, where everything is explained in more detail.


As you proceed through the game you will be able to unlock and gain achievements and prizes that you can then share with your friends and enjoy continuing to play the game of goose online.

Additionally, there will be special prizes for the top three winners in the leaderboard each week.

How do I register?

Registering for the game of goose, as with all the other Playspace games, is very fast and simple. Above this description, in the right-hand part of the game image you will find three different ways to register. In the main page of the Playspace site you will find the registration buttons to the left of the games.

  • You can register using your Facebook account, which will allow you to challenge your friends and make the game more exciting.
  • You can also play using your Google account, simply by entering your Gmail address.
  • Finally, if you don’t have a Facebook or Google account, or if you don’t want to use them to play, you can create a Playspace account with any username you like.

Play The Goose game with your smartphone or tablet

Would you rather play on your mobile device? We have the solution. We have developed la The Goose game for Smartphone and Tablet, available for both the Android and iOS operating systems. You will find links for downloading the App at the bottom of the page.

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The Goose game

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