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Chinchón online is a popular game where the aim is to combine 7 cards in flushes of the same suit or groups of 3 cards. As you gradually progress in the game you will be able to unlock achievements and prizes that you can then share with your friends. There will be special prizes for the winners of the weekly leaderboard.

Become the best Chinchón online player on Facebook, Android and iPhone! Combine your 7 cards in flushes of the same suit or in groups of 3 of more cards and beat your friends, want to join?

Do you want to be a great winner? In order to win a game, you have to group together cards of the same value, forming flushes of the same kind which is known as “Chinchon” and will give you the maximum score (-25), or you need to end up with a card whose value equals or is less than 3. If you want to win in style, there are special hands that can allow you to leave your opponents open mouthed. There is a wild card available in the game that will help you to replace any other card when creating a hand or, it can be discarded at any point. Another move is to end up with 0 cards which can be achieved by obtaining 2 hands of three cards and closing the game with seventh card.

Lastly, when a player has closed the game with a valid hand, the discarding round will then begin. The player with the lowest score (taken from adding up the total of the remaining undiscarded cards) will be the winner of the game.

Remember to use the best strategy, for example by looking for flushes instead of sets of three, as it is harder for you to get the same number. However, do not let your opponent find out what strategy you are going to use! Do not take a face up card if it is not necessary as you will run the risk of opponents finding out your next moves.

You can find out all the Chinchon rules by visiting our help page.

Now, nobody will be able to beat you in this classic Chinchon online game that everyone likes! Don’t hold back and join one of the best card games on Facebook, Android and iPhone!

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